insert / ibrid

the system that combines an rgp lens to a soft that is a carrier

combined insert

The combined INSERT system was created for complex situations and involves the association of two lenses: a mini RGP, high Dk, and a soft prescription as a carrier, made with medium-high hydrophilic material.
The INSERT system is based on the fitting technique of Piggy-Back, but allows you to fence the soft support according to the parametric characteristics (BC, TD) and polymer (%H2O) most suitable for the clinical condition to be managed.

fitting procedures
  1. Adapt the soft carrier for 15′, check the correct shape ratio between contact lens and eye, then detect new ophthalmological data by topography for the selection of the RGP lens.
  2. Fit the RGP lens and evaluate with macro-molecular fluorescein the alignment and pattern.


Ibrid is a twin hybrid lens for the management of early and intermediate stage ectasias.
Made of composite material, the central part is a RGP high Dk and the periphery is soft Silicone Hydrogel, ibrid provides a perfect balance between metabolic respect and comfort.

fitting advantages
  • Excellent comfort: thanks to the reduced interaction between the eyelids and the lens edge, the limited movement during the eye excursions, the support in the scleral area of the soft portion.
  • High physiological respect: due to the combination of two polymers with high gas permeability.
  • Excellent visual response: thanks to the central portion RGP that maximizes VA resolution and quality.
  • Flexible use: hybrids can be used in daily wear, for occasional harbour and in sport, in alternation with more complex application options.