TSlac srl

prescription made contact lenses partner


TS Lenti a Contatto srl (TSLAC) is a leading company in the field of professional prescription contactology, engaged daily in the research and development of technical and customized products.
Founded in 1980, it is now known nationally and internationally for the quality of its lenses and the excellence of the production system.


For us, contactology is a matter in continuous evolution that connects small devices, of high technological content, to the needs of the individual.
It is a complex activity of considerable technical and professional competence, a mixture of many elements that we are passionate about, stimulates and sees us committed to the well-being of people every day.


We are attentive to developments in the sector and aware of the importance of what we do, so we invest in new construction technologies in the constant search for innovative solutions. We offer experts not just contact lenses, but fitting systems with safe and effective methodologies.


Meeting the needs of professionals in the management of the most complex visual problems is the value of our work. We commit ourselves with ethics and responsibility, putting all the energy, skills and our experience to achieve the success of the application.


The study of new products and innovative fitting protocols arise from the collaboration and comparison between our professional team and experts accredited in clinical and scientific fields. The company know-how combined with our sensitivity towards new products allows us to constantly intervene to optimize production cycles.


The design of all the TSLAC lenses are developed through CAD-CAM elaborations, realized with latest generation CNC lathes with oscillating tool, to generate products with nanometric resolution, with absolute reliability and repeatability standards.
The loyalty of the lenses to the project is for TSLAC a certainty, even for the most complex geometries.


The quality of the products is guaranteed by the use in the control phase of metrological and interferometric systems, for the analysis of uniformity and optical transparency of the media; these methods allow to monitor the accuracy of the production cycle, accurately detecting the dioptric powers and the constructive parameters.


The constant monitoring of production processes and the strict control of products are guaranteed by the application of the Quality System ISO 13485 certified.
All TSLAC lenses are certified CE0051 in compliance with the European directive MDD 93/42 s.m.i.