rgp quadrant specific

free-form modules for all kind of corneal and scleral rgp

Sector or “quadrants specific” modules are needed to minimize application risks related to irregular corneal asymmetry, which results in instability and reduced RGP centering gap.
Thanks to the Free-Form lathe technologies, based on the oscillating movement of the tool and integrated with CAD-CAM design software, it is possible to associate a specific curvature to each hemi-meridian (0°,90°, 180° and 270°) a specific curvature, creating lenses of the Specialty range with an exclusive design.

quadrant specific range

In order to manage the multiplicity of situations and the different clinical aspects, we have developed asymmetric sectorial designs (ASIM Free-Form), modules that customize the design of the RGP lens, corneal or scleral, in relation to the type of need.

corneal multicurve design:

  • Three curves Asim FreeForm
  • Four cures Asim FreeForm
  • Five curves Asim FreeForm

aspheric asymmetric design:

  • 3L Asim FreeForm
  • TK4 Asim FreeForm
  • PK Asim FreeForm

asymmetric sclerals

In relation to the problem, the sectoral module is associated with all RGP lac of large diameter, corneo-scleral and scleral, of the SCL family.
These designs are based on specific firtting protocols and provide professional service support in assessing effectiveness and feasibility.


The asymmetry is determined according to the eye morphology and is necessary to solve – “fill” – the altimetric differences present between the corneal profile and the local sagittal of the lens.

productive options

To achieve a custom fit, all geometries are susceptible to bending and diameter data for different areas; they can be realized with spherical or back toric optics to which it is possible to associate a frontal cylindrical correction. All lenses are stabilized with high definition optical ballast prism.