SCL sclerals rgp

designs in large diameter RGP contact lenses

SCL is the family of large diameter RGP Specialty lenses, developed by TSLAC to offer professionals a variety of fitting solutions. Developed from the design experience and clinical needs, the SCL line is the result of research in contact to successfully overcome application criticalities and corrective difficulties typical of lac support corneo-sclerale and haptic.
The entire SCL range is produced with high gas permeability polymers (DK 100-125-200×10-11ISO/Fatt ), in order to ensure adequate corneal metabolic demand.

spheric and aspheric scl

Design tangential and multicurve, spherical and aspherical profile, to manage the different needs of corneo-scleral fitting and scleral support. The diameters and dimensions of the recictable chamber allow a greater uniformity in the landing areas and a correct distribution of limbare lifting.

front-toric scl

The front surface torica (FT), with dynamic stabilization, allows to compensate internal astigmatisms (due to the shape of the posterior cornea) and residual. All lenses are traced with lines that identify the position of the axis to manage the cylindrical correction and any over-refraction.

free-form scl

The back geometry of the lens adapts to toricity and non-symmetric scleral lprofile. The shape of the lacrimal chamber can be circular or elliptical in relation to the morphological characteristics of the eye and the toricity can be differentiated in limbar and peripheral areas.

multifocal scl

All SCL lenses can be associated with the multifocal module (p. 20) for presbyopia compensation. The visual advantages derive from the application stability and the centering, typical aspects of large diameter lac, which reduce interference between the various zones of power during the blinking.