rgp design 3L

corneal RGP contact lenses evolution

The 3L design is the innovation that simplifies the use of RGP, favoring application success. The project is born from the topographical study, from the analysis of the clinical aspects and the adaptive criticalities typical of rigid gas-permeable corneal contact lenses. Comfort, Vision, Stability and Versatility are the hinges of the 3L fitting system that allow easier compensation of all spherical, astigmatic and presbyopic ametropies.



The design 3L has an evolving eccentricity development, whose nominal value and = 0.50 is inspired by the corneal morphology.The alignment of the lens on a larger surface produces a more uniform distribution of supports, favoring subjective sensitivity, adaptation and portability.


Optimized optical zones reduce visual interference as the pupillary opening changes.
The asphericity of the geometry conforms to the physiological parameter of the cornea, allowing a more natural compensation of spherical and astigmatic ametropies.


The use of large diameters, usually between 10,20 and 10,80mm, favors the positioning and eyelid holding, ensuring a controlled movement at the wink. The coverage, with a ratio of about 85-90% on HVID, is the key element for the centering and stability of 3L contact lenses.


The 3L Custom version allows the practitioner to intervene directly in the prescription of the lens, defining the eccentricity value in relation to the course of the corneal meridians. The opportunity to fence the characteristic parameters of the aspheric RGP’s allows you to fit large diameters and not to act on the base radius to optimize the fitting.